June 18, 2024

 The Mississippi River Has Fallen To Historic Lows, And The Effects Are Visible From Space 

In a recent article in Yahoo Finance  

Morgan McFall-Johnsen

Wed, October 26, 2022 at 11:35 AM·3 min read

  • The Mississippi River is at a historic low, exposing new land that used to be covered by water.
  • Satellite images show how thin the river has become in some areas, and how parched the land is.
  • Other photos show a former island that people can now walk to on the dry riverbed.

The Mississippi River has fallen to historic lows, and the effects are visible from space. 

summer of heat waves baked the central US, followed by a flash drought this fall in the Ohio and Missouri river valleys, which drain into the Mississippi. With no rainfall to make up the deficit, the great river dropped to record lows in some places.

Satellite images, and other pictures from before and after this drop in water levels, show how dramatic the difference is. In the below pictures, it’s clear that more dry earth is exposed in October 2022, on the right, than at the same time last year. Highlighting the drought, some areas of land that were green in 2021 are brown in 2022.

After Mississippi Drought

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