May 18, 2024
Here is Mike's follow up. Nice encouraging editorial !

Modern Metals
Modern Metals

“No Collars Just Careers,” Is A Great Editorial From Mike Womack, Featured In Modern Metals

Here is a great article about doing business in these ever changing times. No collars and just careers sounds good to me. I feel TK Metals is one of these types of business where collars and stereotypes dont fit. 

Here is Mike’s follow up. Nice encouraging editorial !

“Everyone walks a different path. There is no right or wrong way to progress in life, as long as progress is being made. Pushing people away from industrial careers based on stigmas causes irreparable harm to our nation and economy.

Labeling career types and saying, “some people aren’t college material” or “college isn’t for everyone,” is unhelpful. As a culture, we are moving away from labeling, working toward becoming open minded and embracing all walks of life. Career paths should not be left out of this conversation. Prejudging a career, based on an outdated label and stigma, prevents progress. People who have a passion for creating or who seek fulfilling work where they can see a tangible result can acquire on-the-job experience in a career that can last a lifetime. There are no collars, just careers; it’s time to stop job shaming for the betterment of society.”

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