July 19, 2024

Buy Steel Commodities
Buy Steel Commodities

“Worry About Recession Later” As Raw Material Rebounds Because Of Energy Crisis

Here is a great article from  Bloomberg worry about the recession later there is an energy crisis and we need these commodities to get over the hump.

29TH AUGUST 2022

 Goldman Sachs Group urged investors to pile into commodities as most recession risks coursing through global markets are overblown in the near term, arguing that raw materials stand to rebound amid a profound energy crisis and tight physical fundamentals. 

 “Our economists view the risk of a recession outside Europe in the next 12 months as relatively low,” analysts including Sabine SchelsJeffrey Currie and Damien Courvalin wrote in a note. 

“With oil the commodity of last resort in an era of severe energy shortages, we believe the pullback in the entire oil complex provides an attractive entry point for long-only investments.” 

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